Production Value

I work hard to provide my clients with premiere video quality.  It’s not just in the camera, but the methods used to capture the moments.  Consider the difference between video with a tripod and holding the camera in your hand. This is production value . I increase the aesthetic quality, making your shots more engaging with subtle but intent movements. What can I say, my roots are in cinema and I work hard to bring a stylistic approach to each wedding that I film.  Resulting in real moments, honest, picturesque and beautiful. Take a look at my samples to put images to my words!

My packages start with multi-angle and tripod coverage. I include the use of a slider and steadycam to add high value shots. These are invaluable for setting the scene and capturing the moments.  Additional value items that I offer but that are not included I list below –

  • Crane Shots* – This is essentially a camera on a crane. The size of the crane is our choice. It’s perfect for sweeping shots of the beautiful venue, landscape, or even during the ceremony or reception. | $300 for the day
  • Aerial Videography* – I use a professional aerial quadcopter to capture one-of-a-kind, amazing HD shots of the venue, the landscape, and/or the proceedings. | If you want to add gorgeous aerial coverage, contact me for pricing.
  • Multi-Angle – My packages include up to three HD angles for the ceremony. | If you want more angles, contact me for pricing.

*All usage of these production items are at the bride & groom’s discretion 

Weddings are your special day. Why not get the video coverage you deserve?